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Hi guys! We celebrate Mofsky's 3rd birthday today! His birthday is September 13, and he's a Virgo boy. Mofsky is funny, unique and very different from Kolo, my the other furry kid. He is very playful and social, but gets easily scared even as he appears strong behind a wall, but it took time for him to develop into the dog he is today.

Mofsky joined us not too long after Kolo back in 2018. I still remember our first meeting with Mofsky. He was so tiny, shivering, and looked so scared of everything around him. For the first couple of months, he was very shy and showed little affection. But over time, he learned from Kolo, who is very affectionate. Slowly, he broke his eggshell and started showing us his love. Not attached so much but close enough to be around us all the time.

There is one thing about him that I find impressive: his communication skills. When he wants to do something or try to tell me what he did, he comes to me, sits straight and talks with me. Rather than barking, he makes just enough noise so that it's noticeable but not rude. I wish I could spell out his voice! After he gets my attention, I always ask some questions: Are you hungry? Do you wanna eat? Do you wanna go outside? Treat? Did you pee? When he hears the right question, he spins around so fast and shows me what he wants. When he is excited, he spins as a way to express himself. He understands those questions. Kolo doesn’t do this, so I’m curious: Does your fur kid talk to you like Mofsky?

Mofsky loves Kolo so much. Since he is more energized and wants to play all the time, he uses a trick to get attention from Kolo: make her mad. He discovered that Kolo starts paying attention to him once she gets annoyed by him once he tries to get her attention nicely and she ignores him. Despite Kolo yelling at Mofsky and being angry, he takes what she does as love and play. He wins his game every time!

I think he used to be a human in his previous life. No joke! I really think he was a human before. His communication skills are very impressive. He always tries to share what he wants with me. Sometimes, I ask him what happened to him in his previous life and why he became a dog in this life? LOL

Three years have flown by so fast. I enjoy watching him growing, showing his personality and expressing himself more than before. He is so precious, funny, unique, and very original. To my mischievous fur child, I wish him all the love and joy he has brought to my life. Happy Birthday Mofsky! Love you so much♡

Oh by the way, do you notice anything in the picture? Yes! I’m currently working on it and can’t wait to share with you!! It’ll be so cute!!!





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