Named after backwards of my first name Mai, i.a.m Jewelry & Creations was born in the most challenging time - separation, financially difficulty, self-hatred, no motivation to live.

Being at the lowest point of my life made me ask myself, Who really am I? Why am I living? Why am I here? What do I want to do with my life? These self questions, as a fuel, pushed me to prove that there has to be a purpose in my life. This process eventually lead me to find myself and gave me the answer. My only hobby at that time is what makes me Me the most - it’s a lifetime passion.

I believe that jewelry empowers women in their journey to self-expression, positivity and individuality as to how I found myself.

With the pronounce as I am, i.a.m Jewelry & Creations defines who I am and expresses my inner voice from the heart in each creation. 

Derive inspiration from what I wish to wear everyday for any style on all occasions, how I want to display myself, not just like everyone else. Boast them in simple, unique silhouettes with a blend of modern lifestyle, homage to where I grew up and beautiful tropical surroundings where I currently live.

My passion and my life, personality, and belief in the value of individuality motivate i.a.m Jewelry & Creations.

But the purpose of my brand is you - to embrace who you are, to empower your originality with confidence, to brighten your everyday with a spark of joy, and to discover completely new style that you will never feel lost in the crowd again.

Today, I envision my muse with each new design - unique, simple, classic style in the chicest way - to inspire individuals embracing their originality.