i.a.m for Make Lemonade Project





Encouraging awareness is just the first step to the solution. Creating awareness in style and helping people financially for their cancer treatment is our new mission through i.a.m Jewelry & Creations. 50% from each sale of the Awareness Ribbon Collection will go to the Make Lemonade Project.  





Back in 2018, one of my friends told me that October is known as Breast Cancer month. Since then, cancer is a word I come across too frequently in my life. A few years ago, my Mom's best friend died of pancreatic cancer. My boyfriend's Aunty died from pneumonia after battling lymphoma cancer. My friend's mother died from breast cancer. Another friend is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Even though my uncle has been cancer-free for years, he used to suffer from Thyroid Cancer and fears that it might come back. Over time, my feelings towards helping people with cancer have grown stronger.

Thinking of them over the years pushed me to determine to make a difference. Even though it may be just a little bit of help, it is better to start somewhere than not doing anything. I started wondering if there were any ways I could assist cancer patients like their families. What can I really do for them? After much consideration, I could only think of two things: create jewelry that symbolizes awareness that everyone could wear every day while raising donation money to ease cancer patients' financial burden during their treatment. 

The search for an organization providing support directly and financially to cancer patients was a bit overwhelming. As I did more research on big organizations, I felt more connection as a small business owner to a local charity that is more meaningful and personal. 

When I was almost giving up on finding an organization, coincidentally I saw an Instagram story posted by my friend Jessica, the owner of Twiggy, announcing her amazing fundraiser held for the Make Lemonade Project. I looked up who they are and one phrase caught my eyes, which my mom used to tell me every time I faced some challenges. 

“No matter how dark the night, every day the sun will rise.” 

I felt a connection immediately and thought, “They are the ones!”. 


The Make Lemonade Project is a Hawaii-based nonprofit organization that helps cancer patients and their families with gifts, donations and fundraising to help alleviate their financial burden. 

Kelsey Nishi Darling, Executive Director of Make Lemonade Project, shared with me the story of her and her husband, Michael, who faced his sudden stage 4 cancer diagnosis in their 30s. Their most difficult experiences led to their passion to create a project focused on the positive whenever possible and relish in the love of their friends, family and community -  Make Lemonade Project was born.

Talking to Kelsey made me learn how sweet Kelsey and Michael are. Their strong passion for helping other cancer patients made me feel very honored to be a partner with Make Lemonade Project to achieve our new mission.

Please check here to find more details about Make Lemonade Project and how amazing they are! 


I started i.a.m Jewelry & Creations because making jewelry is my passion and making people happy through my work also makes me happy. The purpose of my business has been to empower people to discover their unique originality that has never been seen and to enjoy self-expression by wearing i.a.m Jewelry & Creations  

Moving forward, i.a.m Jewelry & Creations will serve not only to share happiness and joy, but also provide people battling cancer with financial help towards the treatment and will do our best to make sure we can help even more people.

Let’s show our support and raise awareness in our community together!