Vol.13: Golden Triangle - A sacred shape hidden in nature

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Well it has been more than a month since we welcomed 2022, so it might not be appropriate to say it now, but this is my first blog of the year, so I hope it’s not too late. How was your first month of 2022? For me, I faced some challenges already. But it's ok. I needed to stand up and conquer my fear to be a stronger person. If you have faced any challenges already this year, everything will be ok! We face challenges when there is something that you have to conquer or need some changes because wonderful things are waiting for you. So hang in there!

If you have known my brand for a while, you probably remember the Triangle Blank Earrings I used to have in my collection. I stopped making it because I've been wanting to revamp the design for the longest time, but the long wait is finally over! With a powerful look in the design, re-releasing the upgraded old collection is the best way to kick off 2022 strong - Golden Triangle Collection.

I renamed this piece to “Golden Triangle” because I recently found something interesting. Have you ever heard of Golden Ratio? I was astonished to discover that there is a formula known as the Golden Ratio. It’s a mathematical ratio that “comes from the idea of cutting a line into two pieces such that the ratio of the two pieces to each other equals the ratio of the larger piece to the original whole piece”. For example, the Golden Ratio is used to create brand logos such as Apple, Twitter, and Pepsi. Their logo looks so simple yet dynamic, almost as perfect as pleasing to my eyes. Do you feel the same way?

One of the shapes composed with the Golden Ratio is the Golden Triangle. The Golden Triangle is considered a symbol of the beauty found in nature. It is the embodiment of harmony and balance in symmetry. When I found out about the Golden Triangle, I stumbled upon the measurements of my triangle earrings. By accident, it turns out to be 72 degrees by 72 degrees by 36 degrees. Yes, my triangle was the exact measurements for the Golden Triangle! This opened up a whole new world for me that explained why I love design. 

There is beauty found within nature itself that is harmonious and balanced, simplistic and refined, classic and timeless. We find the Golden Triangle in the spirals of seashells, the delicate formation of flower petals, and the complex formation of the universe. The combination of all these elements is the basis of Sacred Geometry, which is the application of mathematical concepts to naturally formed geometrical formations. I was amazed at how two unlikely components, nature and mathematics, could connect and coexist to make something beautiful and complex! 

I discovered that great artists such as Leonardo Di Vinci and Michaelangelo recognized how to utilize the golden ratio formula and incorporate it in their artworks. This is something I wish to incorporate more in my designs in general because when used as a design element, it creates an organic composition that forms an aesthetically attractive and balanced design. 

Ok, I’m gonna stop right here before you start thinking of this blog as an academic essay. LOL. But I was so fascinated by this because it made sense why I was into creating jewelry using two seemingly unrelated elements, math and nature, when they blend into one. At i.a.m Jewelry & Creations, design balance has always been essential to our core. Harmony of every different element brings out the true beauty from within, as how nature is so beautiful by itself. The Golden Triangle is found in everyday nature yet it is a key element in creating the beautiful unique artforms. What better way to symbolize this than through our Golden Triangle Collection? 

So here is the reminder for you:

Find harmony and balance within yourself by loving the true beauty from within. 

Be authentic. Be you.



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