Vol.2: My Yin & Yang

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In the first blog, I mentioned that creating jewelry is one of my self-expression. Besides the inspiration from the city life and the tropical surroundings, each design work relates to my other personality.

I’m Gemini. Both my Sun sign and Moon sign are Gemini. Does it sound scary? It does to me because I’m the absolute Gemini! LOL (I can talk more about it the other time!) I always have a conflict of thoughts in my mind and usually they are two complete opposites. When I come up with a good idea, I work on it to make it happen. But after a while, I start thinking of something totally opposite and feel like “Wait, maybe I shouldn’t do this because brah brah brah” something like that. If you are Gemini, you can probably relate to this. Dealing with my pain-in-the butt personality for 35 years and accepting who I am trained me to find the absolute mutual balance in-between two opposite aspects - my Yin & Yang.

Since I always try to deal with my Yin & Yang personality and care about the balance in everything, I do the same thing in each jewelry piece I create. Everything made is in harmony; unique but simple, cute but cool, feminine but bold, elegant but casual. This Yin & Yang in art theme is meant to cater to a wide variety of styles and creates the best without the other. But it also challenges you to discover your own unique style.

I love this challenge. I love the process of finding the perfect balance: combining the two opposite elements give rise to the design and create the best that you’ve never seen with one. For example, the SUN+MOON collection displays the perfect Yin & Yang: active under the light and peace in the dark - they interrelate to one another. My Vintage Rainbow collection is a modern take on a retro look. It blends the past with the present by combining styles. It is new yet classic.The Dandelion collection incorporates the delicate nature of a floral taste with the bold look of modern hoops. The delicate petals compliments the sturdiness of hoops. It is cute yet refined.

With the Elongated Square Edge Hoops that I just released the other day, I wanted to make something simple and feminine but bold, something that gives you a feeling of elegance but can be also worn as a casual style. Using square wire instead of regular round wire allows me to show a dash of edginess to a conservative, to display our strong existence yet delicate personality in this collection. You will see how I incorporate a contemporary alternative to the traditional style in a geometric theme.

Finding a balance in our daily life is definitely one of the challenges for all of us. It’s not easy for me for sure. But it feels amazing when you find the best outcome. You feel at peace. It’s the same with my jewelry. I feel exhilarated each time with every jewelry I release because I found the perfect balance in creations. I want you to find balance in the elegant and casual. Find your fashion yin yang and my pieces will surely harmonize with you. I hope to compliment your personality and unique style with my jewelry!






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