Typewriter Font Letter Necklace (5 Letters)

  • $222.00


Create a one-of-a-kind necklace that means something special to you. Keep that connection wherever you go. 

Our Typewriter Font Initials are originally hand-forged one by one. Each letter is hammered delicately to add some sparkle and shine just like you.


*Model is 5.1' and wearing 16" in second picture and 15" in fourth picture.


Size (approximately height x width)

a: 7mm x 6mm     b: 10mm x 6mm     c: 7mm x 7mm     d: 10mm x 6mm     e: 7mm x 7mm     f: 10mm x 6mm     g: 10mm x 6mm     h: 10mm x 8mm     i: 7mm x 5mm

j: 10mm x 5mm     k: 10mm x 6mm     l: 10mm x 5mm     m: 8mm x 10mm     n: 8mm x 6mm     o: 6mm x 7mm     p: 10mm x 6mm      q: 10mm x 6mm    r: 7mm x 6mm

s: 7mm x 6mm     t: 8mm x 6mm     u: 7mm x 6mm     v: 6mm x 8mm     w: 7mm x 10mm     x: 6mm x 6mm     y: 10mm x 6mm     z: 6mm x 6mm


14K Gold Filled

Nickel Free