Vol.7: Falling into Fall - i.a.m style

Posted by Mai Daimonji on

Hawaii's fall weather is still summer, but it cools off after September. That's when I start to enjoy fashion. Bring out the short boots, sweater, and hoodies for a more fall outfit. I love wearing summer outfits with a bit of cozy style and discovering my own style through fashion. Guess what I care about when it comes to fashion?

Balance! Am I using this word too much? Don’t get tired of hearing it from me. LOL. But seriously, balance is everything. I always think of balance in style. I love to combine opposing elements such as cute and cool, elegant and casual, flattering and comfortable. It's the same way I design jewelry.

My fashion is nothing really special and I don’t even think I’m capturing the latest trend but I love wearing what I love!!!

Here is the beginning of fall looks styled with i.a.m jewelry pieces!!!


P.S. Something good is coming this weekend! Stay tuned♡





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