Vol.6: Celebrate SUN+MOON Equinox

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The autumn equinox is upon us. It means fall season is officially here! This is the point where the sun and moon are most equal in the sky, where light and shadow are in balance. The word “equinox” is Latin for equal night. “When the sun crosses the equator and day and night are everywhere on earth of approximately equal length”. There will be twelve hours of light and twelve hours of darkness. This will occur on September 22-23.

This event is one of the most perfect examples of balance and harmony! The sun and moon compliment each other with its light and shadows. The moment holds a gentle reminder that nature will always find a way to balance itself. This is a perfect time to reflect and contemplate on our imbalances, what needs light to grow and what needs the shadows to heal.

We appreciate the sunlight because of the quiet time under the moonlight. In turn, it is the moonlight that makes us appreciate the joy under the sun. By recognizing the darkness, we are able to appreciate the light.

In recognition of this amazing event, I want to showcase my new SUN + MOON Equinox collection to be released on September 23! The constant theme in all my collections has always been harmony. What better way to reflect this than through the Sun and Moon!

Each piece compliments the other. The Sun earring and the Moon earring combine to form a perfect circle. It’s very symmetrical yet asymmetrical and geometric. Two opposites make a perfect balance and make the whole better.

This collection is strong and powerful. It is dramatic and versatile. It is a re-interpretation of the original SUN + MOON collection released back in 2017, which was more dainty and feminine. This evolution into the Equinox balances my entire collection by introducing this bold and strong energy.

Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon. One cannot exist without the other.
Let us celebrate the equinox!




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