Vol.14: Spring Awakening

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Happy Spring! What would you think when you hear the word “spring”? For me, I instantly imagine a flower field filled with lots of colors and the smell of sunlight. Typical! But it's not just flower blossoms. Spring is reawakened from the long winter nights and brings blossoms and growth to our life. This energy-shifting moment starts off with the Spring Equinox which invites change and balance. The equinox is the point where the sun and moon are most equal in the sky, where light and shadow are in balance. The Autumn Equinox brought forth our winter period. The Spring Equinox marks the end of this winter and makes way for new beginnings.

The first 3 months of the year were tougher than expected and didn’t go quite as planned. A surprising number of my friends also experienced problems during this time. Winter affected most of us in its own way. Unresolved, previous problems just appeared in front of me from nowhere overnight, and I felt compelled to resolve them right away or to act sooner. There was also an unexpected family emergency concerning my dad. This was truly a winter period for me.

Although my energies were quickly drawn to the negative side, I was telling myself that this was the test for me to grow and control myself in a neutral state in any situation. Thankfully, my dad is gradually recovering. Also, my unresolved issues are now under control. As I’m writing this blog, the place where I can write my “tsubuyaki” (the Japanese expression for talking to yourself quietly so that no one can hear you), my winter is finally turning over! I’m so freaking ready to jump into my spring. My plans are back on track!

Our March started off with the launching of our customer appreciation program, i.a.m BeYOUtiful. We wanted to create a community page where we are able to offer special benefits. We felt it was extremely important to form deeper connections and bonds with customers. Through this program, we aim to honor and cherish them. I hope you like the program and take advantage of it!

Next! What do you think is missing from i.a.m Jewelry & Creations? Something you probably have been waiting for a long time. Something you may wish to wear besides earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and anklets… RINGS!!! Over the years, I have been asked by many people if I will ever make rings. The time has come! Rings will be released very, very soon so stay tuned!

Out-of-state events were on my plans for 2020, but of course, it was canceled. After a long, dark period with the pandemic, I am finally able to travel to the mainland to do events again! In a few days from this blog post, I am traveling to LA to do an event, “Renegade Craft Fair”. This is a popular and highly anticipated event showcasing creative, small business owners. With the pandemic restrictions lifted, a new spring is finally making its way through. See you soon LA peeps!

I will also use this LA business trip to find balance and harmony on a personal and spiritual level. I want to take advantage of this energy-shifting moment. I plan to visit and explore the places I’ve never been to. Since I live in Hawaii and am always surrounded by water, I'd like to explore places other than the sea. Do you have any recommendations? I’m so excited for what’s waiting for this trip, the inspiration I’m going to get, how I’m going to feel, and what I’m going to see. This spring allows me to find balance and harmony and nurtures me with what has been missing for a long time.

With all the changes and growth happening around us, let’s welcome spring by celebrating the Spring Equinox. Let’s breathe in new life and awaken new beginnings!



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