Vol.10: My Christmas Tree

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In Japan, it’s almost impossible to get a real Christmas tree, and I was always dreaming of having my own Christmas tree. Last year my dream came true! My boyfriend bought me a real Christmas tree and I was so excited about just seeing it in my house. My house was filled with the scent of Christmas trees and I felt like I was in one of the Christmas movies.


Since I had a real Christmas tree, I wanted to find the perfect decoration. I searched for Christmas ornaments every day but I couldn't find the perfect one, so my tree was naked for a while. Lol. I didn’t want to get whatever ornaments and decorations on my tree. I would rather have a naked tree than a tree with random decorations. I don’t like it! Being unable to find the perfect ornaments and my own strong ego inspired me to make my own decorations! 

It was a fun process of figuring out the theme of the tree, and I discovered that I enjoy creating ornaments just as much as I enjoy creating jewelry! It was soothing and therapeutic for me. It may be funny and weird but for me, creating my own ornaments distressed my exhausting energy from my overwhelming work. Also, being creative has always been integral to who I am. It satisfies this need to express myself. When I create, I feel really really happy. 


I would like to share with you my ornaments and how I created them!

The theme is Rustic Chic. 



  • Black Yarn: Wrapped black yarn around plain ornament using a glue gun.
  • Pine Cone: I bought from the craft store and added an ornament hook.
  • Wooden Snowflake: I bought a stencil wooden snowflake and painted it white. 
  • Beige Pom-Pom Yarn: I created a pom-pom by wrapping a large amount of yarn around a piece of cardboard using a string. 
  • Painted White: Spray paint clear glass ornament with white paint
  • Clear Glass: As is
  • Gold Glitter: In a glass ornament, add gold glitter inside. I used 2 types of glitter: chunky and fine 
  • Beaded Garland: Store bought wood beads and string together using beige yard and finish with yarn tassel.
  • Grapefruit Ornament: Dried sliced grapefruit in the oven for over 5 hours at 210F and add a string to hang on the tree. Smells so good!!


Happy Holidays♡






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