Vol.9: My Peaceful Time

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After a busy day, I believe everybody tries to have their own time to relax. Maybe drinking wine, watching movies, reading a book, or playing on your phone checking SNS. The hustle of everyday life can easily take a toll on the mind, body and spirit. My quiet time to find myself in balance and harmony is meditation. Finding my heart at peace and complete relaxation is the key to my self-growth and motivation for my business. This is the best way to nurture my soul. 


I used to always try to meditate first in the morning or when I have free time. However, more recently I find myself more relaxed at night. My energy is calmer to meditate in the evenings so I’ve been doing it at night time after a busy day.  Usually, after 9:30 pm, I prepare herbal tea and grab a blanket. Meditation music sets my vibe. My backyard, in nature, in the dark, in the breeze, under the stars at night, it is relaxing to close my eyes and focus on not focusing on anything. I sometimes need an hour, sometimes 3 hours, depending on how much I need.


First, I try to reset and find balance in the calm. I concentrate on breathing mindfully and bringing myself back to zero. However, this is the difficult part. After a busy workday and so much going on in my head, it is always hard to reset everything and calm my energies. Not thinking about anything is the hardest thing for me to do. Sometimes, it takes 30 minutes just to bring myself to not think about anything. But once my mind is empty, the silence is peaceful. I let my thoughts and emotions simply flow. I feel at one with the universe. 


Staring at stars is my favorite part. Just being in the dark with the breeze soaked in only twinkling lights from the stars helps my eyes, brain and entire body relax. It makes me feel like I'm in the universe and I often forget I’m sitting in the backyard. Meditation enhances my awareness and opens up my realization. 


The other day, I was sitting outside for maybe over 2 hours. It was one of the most amazing nights because the sky was clear but the stars were everywhere! I could see them twinkling so loud, it almost felt like they were speaking to me. My mom loves constellations. When I was younger, she showed me where to locate Orion and Cassiopeia. It made me want to look up the constellation map and I found out something crazy: The group of stars brightly twinkling in front of me was the Gemini constellation. As you may know already, I’m a Gemini but don't remember the shape even though I love zodiac signs. If I was looking at the constellation map and the actual stars correctly, how coincidental is this?! This realization was made possible through my mediation session. 


Part of my meditation process is to also thank the universe for all my blessings. I am grateful for where I am in life and being thankful for all the lessons I have learned, the support from my amazing customers in fulfilling my dreams and missions, my family and friends believing in me, and being thankful for what I do today at this moment. I reflect on everything that is happening in my life. 


After meditation, I feel so refreshed and revived with pure energy soaked in the beautiful surroundings. I am ready to start a new day.


What is your routine to relax after your busy day?






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