Vol.3: Puppy Love

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If you’ve been following my Instagram, you may have noticed that I occasionally post special appearances. They are my everything! I can’t live without them and I would do anything for them. They are my two little fur kids, Kolo and Mofsky. They fill my heart with laughter and lots and lots of love. 

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, I take on a lot on a daily basis. My schedule is very hectic and chaotic. Sometimes I work from early morning to midnight. But when it comes to Kolo and Mofsky, I can totally switch from business mode to off-mode instantly.

Kolo came into my life in 2018 when she was only 8 weeks old. I named her after the Japanese word “koro koro” describing a ball rolling over. Kolo is very chill and mellow most of the time. She loves to cuddle, gives a lot of kisses to everyone and is very affectionate. However, once a day she turns into a monster chasing her little brother down and causes mayhem throughout the house. 

Mofsky joined us not too long after Kolo. I felt Kolo needed a companion while I was at work. Mofsky was about 2 ½ months when he joined us. Mofsky’s name derives from the Japanese term, “mofu mofu”. It describes a stuffed animal with fluffy hair or cushy pillows. When Mofsky was younger, he looked like a Russian hat (you know which one I’m talking about lol). This inspired me to add the accent at the end of his name. Mofsky is very playful and social but dislikes cuddling. Although he is a big scaredy-cat, he is the smallest guard dog behind of wall.

Together, Kolo and Mofsky make a good pair. Mofsky copies Kolo like how a younger sibling would to their older sibling. For example, Kolo likes smelly laundry and would often take dirty socks to play with. After some time, I notice Mofsky takes on this new habit of stealing smelly socks from the laundry bin. Yikes!

In turn, Kolo uses Mofsky for food. Since Mofsky is the more verbal of the two, he often communicates when hungry. Mofsky is the one who works hard to get treats and Kolo is just watching him from his back. Once she sees me grabbing treats from the bag, Kolo steps in. She’s like the older sister using her younger brother for her own benefit. Hmm… they remind me of myself and my little brother when we were kids. HA! 

When Kolo and Mofsky do something mischievous, I of course try to scold them. I try. I’m their fur mom so I have to teach them what’s wrong and what’s right. But they have a power that I can’t resist: their cute round sparkly eyes! My boyfriend Pancho (I will talk about him one day!) always tells me I’m weak and spoil them too much. But seriously, how can I say no to the cutest, fluffiest creatures?! I always end up holding them and rubbing my face on them… ugh they are too cute!

At the end of a long hard day, these two bring me so much joy. They make me smile all day. They make me laugh hard. They bring a sense of balance and peace to my life. They are my constant companions and I would not be the person I am today without them. We start the day together and we end the day together. 

Kolo and Mofsky, my puppy loves.








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